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Before setting out to create new security plans, it is essential that the effectiveness of existing systems is measured, to determine the scale of improvement needed to meet new standards that have been set, either internally by the operator, or externally by other authorities.  Restrata has the necessary capabilities and experience to conduct a full audit of current provision, and to report both objectively and subjectively against existing standards.

  • Security System Design: Our consultants can bring to bear the full suite of design capabilities, from conceptual system design through to detailed design.  We do so with a detailed knowledge of the games arena.  It is essential that anyone designing a security system for implementation in this dynamic environment understands not only the security effect, but also the effect on the operational requirements of the stakeholders.
  • Technology Provision: Restrata’s extensive experience in all areas of security provision, including the design and integration of security screening solutions, has given us an intimate understanding across the full spectrum of technologies and equipment available.  We provide clients with consultancy services to identify the capabilities required within the chosen overall security system, produce statements of requirements for those capabilities, assist in the choice of specific equipment, and carry out the full range of project management, installation and testing facilities.
  • Project Integration: As well as providing the specialist services highlighted above that lead to the choice of required technologies and equipment, Restrata also provide full integration services including design through, procurement, installation, to final testing and commissioning, we can ensure that the solutions installed are those that were specified at the outset.
  • Training : Restrata has an extensive training organisation that could provide the full range of security training to any security provider.  This could be focused on the traditional areas of hand search and x-ray screening, but could also be BPR or security awareness training.  If engaged to provide training, we would work closely with the client to understand the training needs fully, to ensure that it was effective in the area in which individuals were to be employed.

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