A Coventry University student has taken his first step towards landing his dream job in Emergency Planning in Dubai, by travelling thousands of miles to complete a life-changing work placement with the leading provider of health, safety and environmental services to the oil and gas industry.

A Restrata Bursary

Restrata Group offers bursary and placement opportunities for students studying Disaster Management and Emergency Planning at Coventry University, one of the only universities to offer this specialist degree course in the UK.

Luke Fletcher was selected for the placement with Restrata Group in his second year of studying, after he was commended as the highest achieving student in his class by tutors. Luke will receive a bursary which will cover his education fees for his final year of study and given the chance to complete several industry training courses including Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET) and H2S Awareness & Escape Training.

Luke is now applying his studies in the Restrata Group Dubai office and has taken on a range of projects, including building a business continuity management system for Abu Dhabi Gas Company and developing facility response plans and crisis management for Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company.

Disaster Management and Emergency Planning

Twenty four year old Luke said: “I made the decision to pursue a career in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning when I was working as an emergency first responder for the National Trust at the Giant Causeway.

“I found out about the placement on offer from Restrata Group from another student who is now working with the company and thought it sounded like the chance of a lifetime. I am now gaining amazing experience in Dubai and can’t wait to come back next year as a member of staff.”

On completion of his third year of study Luke will return to Dubai to take on the role of Emergency Response & Crisis Management Advisor in a contract that will last for at least one year.

Restrata Group decided to develop their student placement into an official bursary scheme after Coventry University student Matthew Filby worked for the company from August 2013 – 2014. Matthew has since co-presented to students interested in the bursary scheme with Project Manager, Colin Tucker and is now completing his final year of study.

Coventry University was one of the first universities in the UK to run a Disaster Management and Emergency Planning degree. The course materials are linked with the services offered by Restrata Group and there is a strong partnership between the company and university due to the relevance of this course to the group’s services and the number of members of staff holding this degree.