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Who We Are

Our Heritage

Founded in 2006, Restrata is a British owned group with offices around the globe, born of the need to address safety and security solutions from a consultative perspective. Restrata was created with the mission to build client resilience and optimize operations through effective management of safety and security risks.

From the Latin “Res” for resilient and “Strata” meaning layers, the name combines to reflect our core concept of resilience engineered across multiple layers of any business, project or development.

We approach our clients resilience in across to key areas; Design & Build Resilience, to mitigate safety and security risks, coupled with Manage & Operate Resilience, in order to provide end-to-end visibility, management and responsiveness to risk through our 24/7/365 Global Command Centre, combined with our technology platforms, underpinned by real-time data.

In the last decade we have seen significant growth and success, highlighted by our substantial track record of working with a number of well-known companies on some of the most prestigious projects around the world.

Our Origins

We have a strong heritage of major projects in the UK and Europe, with an additional focus on expansion across the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. We aim to share our knowledge and expertise with emerging markets around the globe as we help them develop resilient developments, critical infrastructure and national security strategies.

Following the recent merger with the Stirling Group, who also acquired Altor Risk Group in 2014, Restrata now covers the full spectrum of safety and security risks, with experience spanning more than 15 years.

We are unique in our ability to consult, design, deliver, manage and outsource to meet client requirements. Keeping technology at the heart of everything we do allows us to focus on impacting your business with improved efficiency and effectiveness, and at lower cost.

Our Values

  • We excel in demanding environments
  • We treat change as an opportunity
  • We focus on results over activity
  • We work with tireless determination and tenacity to achieve our goals and mission
  • We are the experts in the business.
  • We strive for excellence
  • We target sustainable, profitable growth
  • We are committed to delivering high quality products & solutions
  • We put our customers first
  • We believe in long-term relationships with our customers, supplier and the community
  • We ensure to support our customers through the optimum utilisation of people, processes and technology
  • We collaborate and leverage each other
  • We provide our employees with opportunities to achieve real potential
  • We learn, develop and improve
  • We support localisation
  • We are passionate about providing solutions
  • We live innovation and technology
  • We show pride, initiative & dedication in what we do
  • We deliver as a team