X-ray Scanner Requirement

A major client based in Saudi Arabia who had shown interest in x-ray scanner technology and products has awarded a contract to Restrata for the delivery of 15 Rapiscan mobile x-ray scanners.

The client announced their interest in purchasing mobile scanners to be assigned to different locations around the Kingdom, in a bid to improve security.

The use of the mobile x-ray scanner will provide a world leading detection capability, to ensure highly effective operations, provide a much simpler, more convenient and more efficient inspection process.

About Rapiscan

The Rapiscan Eagle M60 is a member of Rapiscan’s M-Series of mobile cargo and vehicle inspection systems capable of driving on public roads. The Eagle M60 is an x-ray scanner, designed to scan trucks and cargo containers to verify the contents and to identify the presence of hidden contraband, such as weapons, explosives and narcotics. Optional capabilities to help find low density contraband and radioactive material in cargo are available with the Eagle M60. The unit is fully self-contained with all of the equipment and features required to perform inspections at locations, such as seaports, border crossings and roadside checkpoints.

About Restrata

Restrata is dedicated to building our clients’ resilience and optimizing their operations through effective management of safety and security risks. We are unique in our ability to consult, design, deliver, manage and outsource in line with client requirements. Keeping technology at the heart of everything we do allows us to focus on impacting your business with improved efficiency and effectiveness, and at lower cost.

Restrata is a global leader in the provision of Systems Integration, Managed Solutions, Consulting, Project Management and Training & Development Services. We design, implement, operate and maintain cutting-edge security, safety and technology solutions; we enable major organisational transformation through training, human resource development and knowledge transfer and we upgrade, operate and maintain legacy systems in complex environments worldwide.