Company Brochure

Our mission is to build clients' resilience and optimize their operations through effective management of safety and security risks. Download our company brochure to learn more about who we are, our services, as well as sectors we serve.

Situational Awareness & Telematics

Learn more about our innovative managed solutions, packaged under the banner of Situational Awareness & Telematics ‘SA&T’ which address today's need for increased asset visibility.

Event Summary: Hotel Security Briefing

On 13th March 2017, we hosted a Hotel Security Briefing, which served as a platform to discuss the current industry challenges around the globe, new technology and solutions, incident case studies and the sharing of best practice.

Care for People Training Courses

We help to prepare for the unthinkable and care for people in the most difficult circumstances. We deliver training courses that equip your team with the skills to support employees and their families should the worst happen.

Training Prospectus

We design and deliver leading HSE programmes across the globe to ensure people have the skill sets required to operate successfully and safely. Our courses are accredited by: NEBOSH, HABC, LEEA, IQ, ILM, RoSPA & OPITO.

Driver Training Prospectus

All our courses have international or worldwide accreditation, as well as are fully ISO compliant. They can be delivered either as a single standalone training or complement the other courses as part of a bigger programme.

BSOC: Products and Services

The BSOC provides liaison for International Oil Companies and private business with the Basrah Operations Command (BaOC),the seat of Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) power within the province.

SecureLocate™ Protect

Our SecureLocate™ Protect provides a real-time tracking, monitoring, alerting, and incident response capability to protect staff working remotely, as well as help with facilitating compliance with government health and safety legislation.

Incident Management Centre Services

We operate a sophisticated & fully equipped Incident Management Centre which allows to manage & coordinate a response to an incident anywhere in the world and is available on a 24/7/365 basis as a source of support to the client.

Airports & Aviation Services

We deliver streamlined aviation risk management solutions that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of airports and airlines.

Crisis & Continuity Management Services

Our Crisis and Continuity Management (CCM) subject matter experts establish the necessary emergency response and crisis management arrangements to allow organisations to respond effectively and responsibly to any incident.

Fire Safety Services

We offer a range of services in relation to fire safety which can be applied individually or as part of a wider holistic approach.

Port & Maritime Security Services

We provide all manner of port security solutions ranging from port security management in high risk environments to International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) accreditation management.

Strategic Consulting Services

Our Strategic Consulting teams excel in the creation, consolidation and implementation of well-structured policy frameworks and documentation that ensure the optimum integration of people, technology and physical resources.

Hotel Security Assessments

Having extensive experience in conducting Security Assessments for the most reputable hotel brands in the region & beyond, we tailor each assessment to meet the intricacies of the threat environment & ensure an ample protection.

Hotels: Understanding the Risks

This white paper provides our security consultants' industry knowledge on threats to the hotel sector and how you can protect your guests, staff and the property in the wake of an incident to limit the damage caused to your business.

Safe City Management

A Safe City integrates security solutions with the aim of preventing incidents, and where they cannot be prevented, enhancing response. We deliver solutions to reduce incidents, enhance emergency response & improve safety within a community.

In the spotlight: Care for People

Rona Grimmer, Restrata Senior Project Manager, discussed the importance of training senior members of the management team to equip them with the skills required for breaking bad news to the family members of employees.

Security Master Planning Services

Strategically aligned with your business/project objectives, our Security Master Plan solutions provide the holistic approach to both the development and direction of security for your organisation.

Case Study: The Active Shooter Scenario

This case study provides an overview of one the biggest headaches for the security sector which is the Active Shooter, what are the biggest challenges with active shooters and how a typical scenario of an active shooter unfold.

The Connected Fleet Services

Our GPS tracking and compliance solutions ensure you keep track of everything from fuel usage to maintenance schedules and breaks. Real-time data allows to manage scheduling requirements and ensure jobs are completed quickly & efficiently.

In the Spotlight: Lessons from Sousse

Claire McDonald, Restrata Senior Security Consultant answers questions about lessons that can be learned after the devastating attack in Sousse, Tunisia on 26th June when 38 people lost their lives and a similar number were injured.

SecureLocate™ Protect Corporate Travel

SecureLocate™ Protect is an app based solution allowing organisations to improve safety for staff travelling abroad. The solution provides a complete outsourced security management capability combining app technology with live incident response

In the Spotlight: Botan Osman Talks Tech

Botan Osman, Managing Director at Restrata talked to IBBC and shared his thoughts on technology and digitisation in Iraq. Read this interview to learn more about the current technology infrastructure in Iraw and what more can be done to support it in the future.

Case Study: Tomazos Transport

Learn how Navman Wireless system allowed Tomazos Transport to get an annual saving of close to 150,00 litres of fuel per financial year, prolong the life of the fleet's brakes & tyres and get insurance premiums re-evaluated and reduced by 52%.

Case Study: Lukoil

We delivered a Defensive Driver Training, as well as abilities assessment for Lukoil employees located in West Qurna 2, Iraq and trained them on the hazards, risks and correct driving techniques on varying road surfaces to further reduce RTI (road traffic incidents).

Business Continuity & Crisis Management

It is essential that organisations have a crisis management strategy in place to deal with the incidents and minimise any loss of life or damage to property. We can assist you in ensuring your organization is resilient & crisis ready.

Unlocking the Potential of the Blockchain

Download the presentation by Jose Fernandez, Blockchain and eHealth Vertical Lead at du, delivered during the Supply Chain Fleet Seminar, hosted on May 1st at the Mövenpick hotel JLT. The presentation talked about unlocking the potential of the blockchain.

Case Study: UNHCR

We trained UNHCR staff in Damascus, Syria to improve their defensive driving skills through the provision of B6 & B6+ Armoured Car Course, which consisted of theoretical elements, as well as basic hands-on techniques and on-road elements