Account for people duty of care

Account for people quickly and boost duty of care across your sites

Ensuring duty of care can be a simple task, even when dealing with a dispersed workforce and multiple locations. You can access real-time monitoring across employees, contractors, visitors whether on site or in transit, making it easy to account for people, communicate and action emergency response with a few clicks.

Image of a site worker suspended in a harness descending to the ground, with a call out of his face overlayed on the image.

Keep track of employee locations and movements

Monitor and mitigating health and safety risks

Provide efficient communication channels for emergencies

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

Protect your workforce whilst on site and in transit

Monitor employee locations and movements, allowing you to respond swiftly to emergencies and provide timely assistance when needed. Real-time updates on potential safety risks will enable you to make informed decision and take prompt action. 


Keep employees, lone workers, visitors and contractors safe with real-time monitoring

Gain full visibility over people in real time and set up custom geofences to keep your workforce safe, informed and connected 

Three screens of the Restrata platform displaying maps with incidents flagged
Site worker in a high visibility jacket lying on the ground stretching his leg whilst on site.

Prioritise duty of care and ensure better compliance management

Meet regulatory compliance whilst fostering a culture of trust and care. From accounting for people in real-time and monitoring risk to emergency response planning and communication, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment to employee care.

Enable your lone workers to report incidents as they arise

Whether on site or in transit, your workforce can stay connected, receiving alerts and reporting any incidents that may arise. This enables you be proactive about protecting your workforce, ensuring rapid action in critical situations to minimise harm. 


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