In the future, every business will run a resilienceOS

And here's why

complexity x fragmentation = reduced resilience

The larger your organisation is, the more complex it is to manage dispersed resources, systems and stakeholders. The more localised your operations get, the more fragmented your systems and policies become. 

Global Challenges

Fragmented systems and operating views impacting response
Disjointed operations increasing operational costs and process gaps
Limited global governance and duty of care affecting reputation


Regional Challenges

Multi-site complexity affecting workforce visibility, safety & security
Visibility and data accuracy impacting regulatory compliance
Risk management reducing readiness, adaptability & response

Local challenges

Accounting for people in real time increasing safety and security
Manual, inconsistent processes affecting opex and response times
Inconsistent access control and location visibility increasing breaches


restrata's resilienceOS

resilienceOS is the backbone of organisation-wide resilience, providing a single source of truth across operations alongside a robust ecosystem of integrations and services, powered by the connected resilience engine.

By providing an organisation-wide solution, we empower every industry to achieve and maintain optimal levels of preparedness, adaptability and sustainability in the face of dynamic risks and disruption of any scale.

resilienceOS for everything and everyone your organisation cares about, every day

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