Operational risk management

Identify, assess and mitigate operational risks faster

Simplify the complexity of having to monitor a multitude of interrelated risks in different places with a single operating view across risks. You can access multiple risk data sources in one place, filter and benchmark accuracy with ease. Minimise the impact of risk events to avoid financial losses, reputational damage and long-term disruption.

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Tap into a growing, unified risk intelligence marketplace

Get access to multiple risk data sources that provide insights and alerts at hyper-local and global level to make better decisions

Prevent disruptions and ensure business continuity

Make more informed decisions and prioritise resources effectively

Adapt to external and organisational challenges faster

Prevent more disruptions and ensure business continuity

Laptop displaying the Restrata platform and a map of the world with risk areas flagged

Tell the signal from the noise, focusing on what matters

Unify multiple risk data sources to better fit your organisation. Filter through the types of risks, get relevant alerts at local, regional or global level. Assess and respond to risk and disruption better, allocating resources more effectively and avoiding wasting time and effort on low-priority concerns.

Unlock an additional competitive advantage

You can easily identify, monitor, prioritise, prevent, adapt and respond to dynamic risks and disruption in real-time. This proactive approach to operational risk management can give you a competitive edge over others that rely on slower, more traditional methods of analysis and response.

Laptop open with the Restrata platform displaying a map of the world highlighting risk events

Understand risk, assess impact, adapt and respond fast

Streamline operational risk management from end to end, protecting your employees, lone workers, travellers, visitors, contractors and assets in real time. Use geofences to flag immediate risks, assess impact of dynamic risks and disruption, communicate and respond to incidents and crisis faster.

Laptop displaying the Restrata platform with risk impact calculated and a map of the affected region

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