Critical Mass Comms

Deliver timely, accurate, reliable critical mass comms

Streamline critical mass communication across sites, notifying and concurrently communicating with the affected workforce via SMS, email, voice, call, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram. Distribute relevant duty of care related communications fast, using polling, assistance requests, welfare confirmation functionality to actively monitor status and confirm actions.

Screenshot showing the mass communication system in Restrata

Communication templating to speed up comms distribution

Multiple response options with granular polling functions

Rapid guided workflows for creating and sending comms

Detailed reporting dashboard on delivery and responses


Tap into real-time, unified data to improve critical mass comms

Reach your entire audience quickly and efficiently through multiple communication channels - Email, SMS, voice call and Restrata App

A map showing areas affected by risk and the mass communications feature in Restrata

Keep relevant employees & stakeholders informed

Use sender logic and granular recipient specification processes to distribute comms to the right people via multiple channels including local numbers to ensure high levels of message deliverability across countries and regions. Configure comms with ease to cater to specific alerting contexts, including integrated incident response and management.

Understand impact, act and review in real-time

Get notified of potential disruptions and risk that may affect your workforce and start communicating with those affected within minutes. Multiple Response Options with granular polling functions (Safety Poll, Custom Poll, Acknowledge Only) help cater to specific alerting scenarios to better understand status. Get clear actionable inputs and stay proactive.

Screenshots of the Restrata platform showing the risk alerts and mass communications features

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