Targeted alerts and mass comms

Keep your workforce safe with targeted alerts and mass comms

Improve the way you respond to disruptive events and crises by providing real-time, accurate notifications and facilitating two-way communication for impacted employees. Leverage real-time location and risk monitoring and impact calculation to distribute up-to-date information and coordinate response effectively.

A screen showing responses to a safety poll on the Restrata platform overlayed on an image of a muster point

Speed up your ability to reach people through multiple channels

Notify and concurrently communicate with large groups of recipients via SMS, email, voice call, Restrata App, WhatsApp, Signal, telegram and more

Rapid distribution of duty of care related communications

Critical incident notifications and other messaging functions

Polling and response methods that enable audience responses

Assistance requests and customisable reply options

Reach the right people the right way and keep them safe

Set up and broadcast updates, identify people impacted by dynamic disruption and risks and notify them, coordinate people for fast and decisive action. Access detailed communication reporting on delivery success and responses, learn and adapt.

Two screens of the Restrata platform showing real-time risks overlayed on a global map

Use risk intelligence for early warnings and act faster

Access valuable insights on significant risks and threats, ranging from natural disasters and physical dangers to civil unrest and beyond. Analyse impact using custom geofences and notify all employees affected, requesting a status update and coordinating the appropriate action. 

Boost communication effectiveness

Save time by leveraging a library of customizable templates to communicate everything from welfare checks to updates and risk notifications. Automate early warning alerts of potential threats impacting people or operations. Filter information efficiently to generate actionable insights, enabling you to boost workforce safety and keep operations running smoothly. 

Screenshot showing the mass communication system in Restrata

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