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Business Resilience for the Future: Risk Management Strategy

In today's complex and dynamic world, business resilience is a...
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Building Business Resilience for the Future: Key Focus Areas

Building business resilience is paramount in the ever-changing, modern business...
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How situational awareness software is improving workforce safety 

Every industrial organisation around the globe promises that the safety...
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What Incident and Risk Management can teach us about Collaboration

Incident and risk management relies heavily on incident management plans,...
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​​How digital situational awareness tools are improving HSE manager insights

HSE managers face an overwhelming raft of challenges to keep...
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​​3 Reasons why situational awareness is important for your organisation

It can be easy to assume that high-risk industries have...
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​​Oil and Gas Industry Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

While many industries have embraced technology and digital transformation, at...
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The Future of Incident Management

The importance of preparing for, responding to, and managing incidents....
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Safety Management Systems | Oil and Gas Industry

Introducing Connected Resilience ™ Very few industries endure the same...
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The Role of Technology in Effective Incident Management

In the 5th century BC, General Sun Tzu wrote in...
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Local Workforce Development in Oil and Gas Sector

Nationalisation programmes continue to dominate MENA workforce planning, driven by...
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Observations of a Security Consultant

As the Senior Security Consultant at Restrata, I spend a...
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