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Our connected resilience podcasts welcome leaders in the energy, industrial sectors and beyond to discuss key topics around resilience. From challenges to approaches, best practices and lessons learned, we navigate today's complex organisational resilience space with an aim to simplify it. Our webinars also address key topics around resilience, from preparedness all the way to response.

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restrata webinar impact shield operational risk management


Join Restrata and our guests as we discuss the importance of proactive operational risk management, covering risk data aggregation, anticipation and mitigation strategies and more.

restrata webinar unified situational awareness


Join Restrata and HID as we discuss how to best leverage technology to achieve real-time, unified situational awareness in the energy and industrial sectors.

restrata webinar the future of incident and crisis management


Join Restrata and our guests as we discuss the future of incident and crisis management, how to anticipate, mitigate and improve efficiency of response.


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