Incident and crisis

Anticipate, prepare for, respond & adapt faster to incidents and crises

Connect and digitise your emergency response processes, provide real-time unified situational awareness, enable swift collaboration across teams and deliver a faster, better-informed response to dynamic risks, incidents and crises. Increase duty of care whilst de-risking your operation globally.

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Tap into real-time, unified situational awareness

Connect all three levels of your response, enabling site response teams, incident management teams and crisis management teams to deliver the best outcome possible.

End-to-end incident and critical event management solution

Better cross-functional visibility, collaboration,coordination

Virtual Global Operations Command Centre available 24/7

Increased productivity, governance, compliance globally

A common operating view across response teams & stakeholders

Easily connect the reality on the ground to the understanding in the global operations command centre, improving visibility and decision-making, saving time and reducing resource cost overheads, ensuring a robust response 24/7 with anywhere, any time, any devices access, keeping stakeholders informed.

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Case Manager

Increase situational awareness of incidents and shared knowledge of high-level information. Users can configure case types which will allow personnel to decide how a case will be handled by their incident management team. This includes setting severity levels, status flows, teams, roles, and permissions for the response process.

Teams and roles

Manage response teams across all levels including changes of personnel over time. This feature allows systems administrators to set individual user and team permissions across the platform, which controls team structure and access. In the remote world we live in this also allows you to see which of the team are online.

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View historic trail of briefings, create descriptions and manage priorities. This feature allows response teams to plan or review status briefings in advance or retrospectively, as well as document the current situation, priorities and assign tasks to personnel or teams. This allows teams to see a summary of the status of the incident and priorities and actions issued at various points throughout the incident.


Events are a record of each user’s activity within the case, and includes logs of who did what, when and where. This creates a compliant audit trail of activity throughout the response for post-event reporting purposes. This functionality enables users to view a historic log of events and filter key and escalated events. This area pulls information from other areas ensuring that no duplicate entry is required throughout the incident, this can be filtered to allow for focus on specific activity or timeframe should this be required.

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This feature provides users with the capability to manage all logistical activity throughout the incident response. Logistics captures the movement of people, teams, and personnel on land, sea and air movements, including passengers as they travel from location to location throughout your response.


Manage people on site at each location that are associated with the incident and assign their current status. Access real time data to understand who is in a building or on site, and ensure they are accounted for in the platform. This allows better decision making around how to manage and move people to safety.

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Capture and manage press releases, media responses, events, and track enquiries. Assign tasks to the various incident roles across teams and provide checklists of tasks for each to complete. Log conversations to ensure an audit trail of communications, including who, when and how for how long, between stakeholders so that everyone is kept informed and up to date. Ensure better reputation management, control and efficiency of messages presented to key stakeholders and the general public. 

Audit Trail

Full, secure audit trail of all information related to incident response. Historic archive to support enquiries and investigations. Secure data control with permissions customised. Reduce reputational risk with better critical information control.

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Enable a safe training mode for any exercise simulation, alongside an audit trail of all exercises for future reference. Learn, improve and adapt processes whilst keeping your incident and crisis management teams ready to tackle actual disruption in the bests and fastest way possible.

Remote Response

Designed for teams that need to operate remotely during an incident. Fully or partially remote teams can respond effectively and securely. Preview who is available and online, and who is not. Carry out a proof of response and address competency management efficiently. 

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Incident Reports

Create and share reports within a few clicks and access historic snapshots when needed. A real-time dashboard showing the status of an ongoing situation can be easily shared and accessed across any device, keeping stakeholders informed at all times. Reduce time spent gathering, compiling, sharing information and making decisions by 60%.

Sync'ed Teams

Boost productivity by providing teams with their own log so that they can focus on their priorities. Ensure swift collaboration with real-time cross-team information sharing. Initiate audit trails based on predefined access control rules, analyse dedicated crisis management audits to identify, learn and optimise responses. Allow response teams to work based of a single source of truth.

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