People Visibility with Location Convergence

Know where your people & assets are, immediately.

For an accurate view of your people location, you often need to utilise multiple sources of data. But this can create a fragmented process, and inhibits rapid response in the face of emergencies.

Our Location Convergence technology solves this problem by ingesting all of your data sources into one platform, overlaying real-time location analysis to provide an accurate picture of your people movement in one single pane of glass.

Less blindspots, more resilience.


Real-time situational awareness over everything and everyone that matters to your business

With global tensions on the rise, ensuring the safety and security of your people and assets is non-negotiable. Our Location Convergence technology lets your team easily ingest, correlate, and visualise people and asset data automatically, providing you with actionable insights and real-time updates when it matters most.


Unified People Movement Data

Connect all your people movement data into one unified view. Be it travellers on a trip, freight in motion, vehicles in transit, or staff and visitors on site. Location Convergence supports your ability to properly keep your people safe and mitigate risks.

Fully Automated, Always Monitoring

Integration with your dynamic data sources; access control systems, travel data, HR systems, GPS, tracking devices. Our automated algorithms assess and rank every data point to determine and predict exact movement and location – both now and through time.

Integrated People Risk Management

Many enterprises struggle to account for their people in times of crisis. With this level of visibility, you can instantly account for your people's location and respond to their needs in an emergency. Boosting situational awareness for your incident and crisis teams, helping you better manage resources and response.

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