Unified Travel

Streamline travel and journey management, keeping people safe

Travel and journey management are an important part of operations that needs to strike the right balance between logistics and duty of care. Create and manage travel requests, identify potential safety and security risks and take appropriate action to mitigate them using a single solution. 

dashboard showing unified travel data and snippet of passport and airplane global travel

Optimise business travel and maximise duty of care

Automate tasks such as travel requests, recurring trips, and itinerary management, retaining full visibility over your travellers 


Streamline processes, saving valuable time and resources

Full workforce visibility and safety while travelling 

Real-time monitoring, analytics and location tracking 

Daily, weekly or monthly calendar views keeping track of trips


Maximise duty of care for your workforce whilst travelling

Retain full, real-time visibility over workforce location when travelling, ensuring compliance and duty of care onsite and in transit. You can approve travel requests, organise meet and greet logistics, manage travel schedules, access dashboards and reports that provide you with up-to-date travel and location information. 

Increase productivity and efficiency with recurring trips

Plan, manage and ensure seamless coordination of travel logistics using recurring trips. Eliminate the need for manual entry of the same travel details, saving time and increasing overall efficiency. Focus on your work instead of updating travel information. Calendar view allows you to see these trips on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, create and edit occurrences easily.


Enhanced communication and risk mitigation

Get real-time updates on potential risks and disruptions so that you can make informed decisions that prioritise employee safety and well-being whilst travelling. Communicate and update your travellers with ease via a mobile app, keeping them productive, engaged and safe throughout their journey.

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