Critical event management

Manage critical events with unparalled visibility and accuracy

Use a single source of truth across your organisation for critical event management. Get real-unified situational awareness, powerful risk intelligence and impact calculation alongside an easy way to respond to critical events. Enhance collaboration between incident and crisis management teams, keep stakeholders informed, learn and improve using audit trails.


Tap into real-time, unified situational awareness

Sync up your site, incident & crisis response teams with unified, real-time data on risks, impact, people and assets so they can anticipate, mitigate and respond to disruptive events better and faster.


Software-enabled, remote access from anywhere in the world 24/7

Proactive response to threats via through real-time risk monitoring

Enhanced collaboration between Site, Incident & Crisis teams 

Ensure compliance with duty of care obligations


Connect & digitise your emergency response processes

Connect response teams to a virtualised command centre, with visualised real-time data and easy-to-deploy playbooks, saving time and ensuring a robust response 24/7 with anywhere, any time, any device access, all while keeping stakeholders informed.

Optimise preparedness across the organisation

Integrate real-time risk intelligence from multiple sources into a single view, calculate impact on your people, assets and operations and use custom geofences to respond effectively and ensure safety and security.


Respond faster and better to critical events

Use real-time data to assist impacted people quickly through multi-channel mass communications, risk alerts, and muster and evacuation instructions. Easily manage press and media responses to ensure better reputation management, control and efficiency of messages presented to key stakeholders and the general public.  

Connect teams & stakeholders to enhance collaboration

Sync up your site response, incident management and crisis management teams with a real-time holistic view of critical events and rapid sharing of information. Ensure compliance as well as continuous improvement through separate or combined audit trails. Access playbooks to enhance productivity and share incident reports to keep stakeholders informed.


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