Situational awareness

End to end visibility across people, assets, supply chain and risks

In today's dynamic and complex world, situational awareness is more important than ever. By unifying situational awareness under a single view, you can make better decisions, enhance safety and security, and respond more effectively to daily operational disruptions, crises and emergencies.

Image of a response officer monitoring a situation from a control room and speaking into a device

Tap into real-time, unified data to make better decisions faster

Seamlessly integrate data across people, assets and risk to improve safety, enhance physical security and minimise dynamic disruption locally and globally. 

Identify potential threats and mitigate risks

Holistic and contextual situational awareness across sites and geographies 

Real-time visibility of your workforce and remote management of operations

Easy integration of your existing systems and 3rd party data sources

Increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk, protecting people and assets

Identify and respond to dynamic disruption and risk in real-time, optimising resource allocation and providing a prompt and adequate response. In times of crisis or emergency, coordinate response efforts, prioritise resources and minimise overall impact.

Screenshots of Restrata's risk monitoring function

Add an additional layer of security across sites

Monitor and control access to sensitive locations, ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter these zones using geofence management. Minimize potential security breaches and keeps people safe from emerging threats. Track valuable assets and get real-time location and status visibility.

Vector image of workers on a construction site with cranes and diggers
A screen showing Restrata's geofence functionality

Eliminate blindspots using multiple custom geofences

Provide an additional layer of visibility and protection across people and assets by setting custom geofences and automating risk alerts. Real-time location and monitoring data helps assess impact, identify and account for those affected, communicate and respond to disruption, incidents and risks effortlessly. 

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