Travel risk management

Simplify travel risk management and keep travellers safe

Empower your business travelers with the confidence to embark on their journeys, knowing they're protected every step of the way. Ensure employees are always updated on potential risks and equipped with the necessary tools to navigate unforeseen challenges. With destination reports, real-time alerts and safety status, your travelers are safe and can focus on their work.

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Increase safety whilst optimising travel and journey management processes

Ensure the safety of traveling staff by identifying potential threats, providing real-time alerts, and offering assistance during emergencies, improving employee confidence. Enable them to request trips and automate recurring trips with a few clicks.


Enhanced safety for employees traveling across the globe

Proactive response to threats via through real-time risk monitoring

Adapt to, recover from disruptions affecting business travel

Ensure compliance with duty of care obligations

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Prioritize employee safety during travel

Proactively monitor potential threats, assess risk levels and provide real-time updates to travelers, mitigating risks and ensuring their safety at every step of the journey. Access location-based risk assessments in real-time, covering geopolitical developments, weather patterns, health concerns to boost preparedness.

Reduce friction from the travel experience

Leverage automation across the travel and journey management process to save time and focus on what matters - keeping business travelers safe. From enabling employees to raise travel requests, meet and greet logistics to risks alerts, communication and incident response. Maximise efficiency and productive for everyone involved.

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Take the hassle out of managing recurring trips

Streamline frequent journey planning and execution to save time and resources while ensuring consistent safety measures for your business travelers. Set up pre-defined templates, monitor trip details, and adjust them quickly. Drive efficiency, maintain compliance, and deliver a seamless travel experience, reinforcing  resilience and preparedness.

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