Implementing a safe and secure strategy at the initial conceptual design phase of a project is of paramount importance. Our team of consultants and subject matter experts work with developers, urban planners, and engineers to analyse potential threats and risks a development may face. With this information we develop security countermeasures, processes, and procedures to mitigate those threats and risks.

Our security consulting services span multiple sectors and industries, including Energy, Built Environment, and Government.

We work with clients throughout every stage of the process, from understanding your needs, highlighting potential weaknesses, planning and design, through to the delivery of a fully integrated security solution.

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Security threat and 
risk assessments

Vector (25)

Security strategy

Vector (26)

Security master planning

Vector (27)

Security design services

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Project management and 
supervision services

Crisis and media
communication planning

Crisis and media communication planning


Business continuity management

Crisis emergency and 
incident management

Crisis, emergency and incident management

Table-top exercises
and live simulation

Table-top exercises and lice simulation

response planning

Emergency response planning


Incident management team training

Crisis management
team training

Crisis management team training

Family liaison
representative training

Family liaison
 team training


BEIS OPEP Level 2 and 
Opep level training


Our emergency, crisis and continuity preparedness work with you to establish the necessary arrangements to allow organisations to prepare, manage and respond effectively and responsibly to any incident.

Working at operational, tactical and strategic levels, we review risks, produce plans, organise resources, and provide training and exercises to ensure arrangements work in the face of adversity.

Our service line also covers business continuity planning to ensure clients recover quickly and effectively from any incident.

Restrata conducts full business impact assessments and establishes fit for purpose business continuity plans for all types and sizes of company.

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Drawing on highly developed skills and decades of hard
earned, real-world expertise, Restrata works with organisations
around the world to effectively and efficiently manage
incidents of every size and nature.

The Global Operations Command Centre (GOCC) sets the standard for round-the-clock international response. Headquartered in the UK with a secondary incident management centre in Dubai, we're well-positioned to respond to any incident regardless of when and where it may occur.

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 response control centre

24/7/365 emergency 
response control centre

Response for any incident
any size, anywhere

Response for any incident
any size, anywhere

Experienced and
expert-level personnel

Experienced and
 expert-level personnel

Training via realistic 
observation suite

Training via realistic observation suite

Alert and deliver a remote
strategic overview

Alert and deliver a remote
strategic overview

Customisable digital
solution integration

Customisable digital 
solution integration


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