Situational Awareness & Telematics

Restrata offers a portfolio of solutions and services to address today’s need for increased asset visibility. Restrata integrates best of breed technologies that cover the full spectrum of Location Based Services (LBS) and cutting edge sensor fusion, linked to the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) connecting people, property and equipment.

Our innovative managed solutions, packaged under the banner of Situational Awareness & Telematics ‘SA&T’, offers customers the ability to embrace the very latest in technological advancements. Implementing the right technology for your business will increase operational capabilities, whilst ensuring considerable cost savings through improvements in safety, security and efficiency.

24/7 tracking and incident response, real-time operational oversight of assets globally, safe journey management, and enhanced duty of care are all core to our SA&T service offerings.

SecureLocate™ is Restrata’s flagship tracking and monitoring technology integrating a vast array of sensors including more than 3000 different tracking, camera, and triggering & cueing devices to date. The application provides clients with a real-time tracking, alerting and asset management suite for any static or mobile asset deployed globally.

The goal of SecureLocate™ is to protect people, property and equipment, enhance decision support while reducing operational costs for an organization. Restrata’s ability to render immediate threat updates, provide secure two-way communications,  fused with available open and crowd sourced data feeds together with SecureLocate’sTM In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) enable safe journey management and enhancing.

SecureLocate™ has an unrivalled track record of successfully providing tracking & monitoring services to government and commercial clients in the world’s most challenging environments. The products and solutions we have supplied to these organisations have produced significant business and operational benefits by providing real time visibility and control of their mobile and static assets allowing for timely decisions.

OBI Telematics is a Restrata solution that houses our premium telematics capability.

OBI Telematics is a global leader in providing technology and solutions that enable the effective oversight and management of fleets, plant and personnel.  OBI is the official partner of Navman Wireless within the Middle East & Africa region. Navman is a global leader in fleet telematics servicing more than 500,000 premium connections for vehicles globally.

The Navman technology platform offers a robust capability for data analytics and reporting allowing fleet managers to get the very best performance from their people and equipment maximizing a return on investment from the technology that is well proven and usually achieved in a few months.

  1. Offers a complete and unique outsourced capability to provide turn-key situational awareness for mobile and fixed assets for applications as diverse as security to supply chain logistics;
  2. Fully integrated command and control platform for tracking, video surveillance, and other sensors with real time information, alerting and ground security;
  3. Open-source data feed integration for decision support
  4. Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Monitoring on behalf of SecureLocate™ customers in Restrata ‘s 24/7 global operations centre, operated by trained HSSE (Health, Safety, Security & Environment) experts in crisis/emergency management with a broad linguistic base;
  5. Open system interfaces allowing for rapid expansion and integration of new devices allowing Restrata to remain supplier agnostic;
  6. In house Research & Development Team pioneering innovative and cost effective Securelocate™ solutions since 2004.

Our Research and Development team continuously innovate building SecureLocate™ into a platform capable ofleveraging fit-for-purpose devices to suit the diverse corporate and operational needs of our clients. These devices range from the Blackberry mobile through to the latest and most robust satellite vehicle, aircraft and vessel units.

By combining asset and risk monitoring with adherence to bespoke Standard Operating Procedures and the application of behavioral based safety principles we empower our clients to accomplish full HSSE compliance and zero casualties.

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