Restrata Platform + COVID Safe: Protecting and empowering your workforce against pandemics.

    Restrata Team
    Restrata Team

    “In this time of the unknown, we’re making the investment in hardware technology so businesses don’t have to – offering them a chance to get back to growth faster.”

    Opinion article By Restrata CEO, Botan Osman

    It’s almost been 10 months since the Covid-19 pandemic became truly global and put so many countries across the world into what we now know as ‘lockdown’. For us in the UK, we are now well into lockdown part three, a time when things have arguably never been more uncertain. On one hand, there is a great opening of a light, a strategy to help us emerge which is the rapid – and so far, successful – rollout of vaccinations across the public, with numbers reaching 4 million and growing fast. On the other, as daily cases, and regrettably deaths, remain so high, it has never been more difficult for people and industries to plan – and there are few industries that feel the what if’s and unknowns as the global business sector. Businesses are, rightly therefore, reluctant to jump first, reluctant to make the long-term strategic decisions that allow them to get on.

    Over the past 10 months, we have seen just how well businesses, energy firms and sports such as the ECB England Cricket Test Series and IPL have responded to our Restrata Platform + COVID Safe technology. Where our technology has been deployed, infections have declined, contact tracing has been more accurate, workers have been safer, operations have been streamlined and confidence has been returned. We have seen the good that our technology can do, throughout this pandemic, and so are determined to remove barriers caused by uncertainty and make it available for all.

    So, what exactly is Restrata Platform and just how will it help businesses get on? Restrata Platform is a set of SaaS based applications that give businesses access to a collection of software solutions used for keeping your workers safe & continue operations. COVID SAFE is just one of these solutions. Its ‘plug and play’ nature allows businesses – whether they be essential or non-essential services – to monitor the manage the location, close contacts and safety of their workforce, which, in turn, will allow you to maintain your operations and safeguard your people. At this time of uncertainty, it will allow you to operate with confidence. Whether you need to know where your staff are in the building at any one time, deliver key alerts to team members, manage visitors from first contact right through to of-boarding or contain outbreaks much more efficiently and quickly, the platform’s cutting-edge technology is the right solution for businesses planning well beyond Covid-19, in a world which will undoubtedly be more safety-conscious. The span of the Platform means you can get back to growth faster and with confidence – providing that all-important competitive advantage, and digitally manage your workforce beyond COVID.

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    Having had conversations with businesses far and wide – businesses that are feeling they have to sit on their hands and wait this out, yet in their DNA they want to simply plan, and get on – we understand how hard it is to take the long-term decisions. These businesses, quite rightly, are unsure as to whether they need to invest for three, six or even 12 months, such is the level of uncertainty; they are, understandably, reluctant to commit to long-term investment. However, the problem this hesitancy presents is that it, at best, results in companies operating using manual methods to keep things under control or, at worst, not operating at all; either scenario is putting these companies at great risk. And so, with the innumerable benefits Restrata Platform provides, we want to ensure that businesses don’t repress their natural instincts to want to start planning and get on, which is why we have short circuited the risk-taking element that businesses would otherwise have to take by investing in Restrata hardware ourselves, getting it ready to provide to businesses for a minimum three-month period as a monthly service. COVID SAFE as a Service.

    By taking the decision to remove barriers to business ourselves, we are providing companies a route out of the quagmire and a chance to plan, to get back to growth faster, and get on in what will for many months still, be an uncertain world.

    How does this look, you might wonder?

    We have removed the need for businesses to adopt a long-term subscription by buying the hardware ourselves, so you don’t have to. And, as a result, we are able to provide businesses a minimum three-month-subscription based on your volume of employees to Restrata Platform – that’s nothing more than a mobile phone notice period – allowing you to plan without long term commitment. The process is then simple:

    1. Order the online, or through a Restrata representative.
    2. You will then receive the Restrata COVID SAFE box which is pre-configured for you.
    3. Two-hour (or as much as needed) online installation process with Restrata consultant.
    4. Your office or workplace is then ready and fully Restrata secure.
    5. Distribute the fobs to your workforce using the Restrata mobile app.
    6. Ongoing 24-7 Restrata support as needed.
    7. After the Three-month period of Restrata Platform, you either continue, or send it all back to us.

    Despite the overriding optimism about our way out of this crisis, we are only too aware of the uncertainty that still exists. Where will we be in three months, in size or even 12 months? And where will we be with the vaccination rollout globally – not just in countries like the UK where the pace of rollout is fast, but with third world countries, too? There are too many unknowns to come from the pandemic, yet the world of business cannot simply sit and wait.

    We have seen what good our technology can do, and we want to remove all the barriers for businesses anywhere in the world to deploy today without the need to make long term decisions.

    Now is the time for businesses to use technology as a route out of the quagmire. If they do, they have a chance to return to work faster, avoid unnecessary shutdowns, safeguard their employees, and enable their return to growth.

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