Case Study: elevating Stena Drilling’s global response

In the dynamic world of offshore drilling, ensuring a robust and sustainable response capacity for global operations is paramount. Stena Drilling, a global leader in the drilling sector, recognised the need to enhance their emergency response framework. This case study delves into how Restrata’s Incident and Crisis Management (ICM) solution transformed Stena Drilling’s global response strategy.

The Pre-Restrata Landscape: In-House Response and Manual Logging

Before their collaboration with Restrata, Stena Drilling managed their emergency response in-house. Their team relied on whiteboard-based logging, a method that, while traditional, lacked the digital capabilities and real-time collaboration essential for managing global crises effectively.

The Challenge: Sustaining a Robust Global Response Capacity

Stena Drilling’s primary challenge was to maintain a robust response capacity that could cater to their global operations. They sought a solution that would alleviate the strain on in-house personnel, enhance their response capabilities, and ensure that Duty Managers felt adequately supported during crises.

The Restrata Solution: Tailored ICM for Global Operations

Restrata introduced a global response service combined with the ICM solution, meticulously tailored to Stena Drilling’s unique global requirements:

  • Global Rig and Site Mapping: Comprehensive mapping of all Stena Drilling rigs and sites worldwide, ensuring a bird’s eye view during crises.
  • Tailored Checklists and Roles: Customized checklists for each role within Stena’s Incident Management Team (IMT), including Duty Managers, ensuring a streamlined response strategy.
  • Stena-Specific Configuration: The ICM solution was tailored to Stena Drilling’s specific needs, ensuring that the solution seamlessly integrated with their existing operations.

The Transformation: Enhanced Global Response and Support

With the deployment of Restrata’s ICM solution, Stena Drilling experienced a transformative shift in their global response capabilities:

  • Enhanced Response Capacity: With Restrata’s solution, Stena Drilling saw a marked increase in their response capacity, ensuring that they could manage global crises more effectively.
  • Better Client Feedback: Stena Drilling received positive feedback from clients during exercises, underscoring the effectiveness of the new response strategy.
  • Empowered Duty Managers: Duty Managers felt better supported during crises, ensuring a more efficient and effective response.
  • Reduced Strain on Personnel: The solution alleviated the strain on in-house personnel, ensuring that they could focus on their core responsibilities without the added burden of managing crises.

A New Era in Global Crisis Management for Stena Drilling

Stena Drilling’s decision to adopt Restrata’s tailored ICM solution underscores the importance of a robust global response strategy in the offshore drilling sector. By leveraging Restrata’s expertise and the capabilities of the ICM solution, Stena Drilling has positioned itself as a pioneer in global crisis management, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of safety and efficiency in the industry.

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