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National Security

Nation states need to protect themselves against man-made threats such as acts of war, terrorism, civil unrest, organised and disorganised crime as well as natural disasters. The challenge is clear: to equip national security authorities with security architectures that enable monitoring of movement and activity both at national borders, and within the countries’ own territories.

The key to a successful national security technology implementation is that it dovetails with security best practices and physical security services already in place, both operationally and with existing technologies, policies and procedures. The infrastructure required comprises some key elements: a command and control hub and network of control centres; tools and sensors for gathering information; secure communication networks to pass data and to enable command and control; Data Fusion (making sense of the information gathered and creating a genuine decision support tool) and threat detection means, to screen for threats at critical points in the national infrastructure. Strong leadership, highly skilled, trained and managed personnel and the ‘intelligent use of intelligence’ are at the heart of the solution.

Restrata specialises in helping nation states ensure the safety and ease of movement of their citizens, the secure and efficient flow of their supply-chains, the resilience of their critical national infrastructure and the effectiveness of their own and their allies’ civil and armed defense forces, intelligence services and border security systems.

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