​​How digital situational awareness tools are improving HSE manager insights

Feature image for the blog digital situational awareness by Justin Vaughan

HSE managers face an overwhelming raft of challenges to keep people, the environment, and assets safe. Whether energy or aviation, mining or maritime, many industries continue to take a disconnected and siloed approach towards their safety management systems. This kind of approach makes it almost impossible for managers to spot potential hazards and keep their…

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Construction and the Technological Disruption

There’s no doubt technology has changed the way we live, disrupting everything from how we dine and shop to how we work and travel. While most industries have been forced to adapt, some have managed to continue on with business as usual while technology alters everything around them. For the construction industry, the latter was true…

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Securing Infrastructure in 2030 – Evolution of Technology

Earlier this month I spoke at the ASIS Breakfast Meeting hosted by Honeywell on the topic of securing infrastructure in 2030, covering what infrastructure might look like by 2030, the evolution of technology and how the good guys, and the bad guys might be using it. I’m a technologist at heart, and started life as a software engineer, remaining…

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