What can the ‘Connected Site’ capabilities in resilienceOS do?

    Restrata Team
    Restrata Team

    Organisations across all industries are facing increasing risks and uncertainty, necessitating robust resilience strategies at all levels. The Connected Site capabilities in resilienceOS enable organisations to enhance their resilience by creating a digital twin of their site, allowing you to create geofences around key zones, manage access control and gain real-time visibility over movement of employees, contractors and visitors. Here’s how it works.

    Geofencing Key Zones:

    The Connected Site module in resilienceOS enables organisations to create a digital twin of their physical site, providing an accurate and dynamic representation of the site’s layout, infrastructure, and key zones. By creating geofences around key areas such as high-security zones, hazardous zones, and critical infrastructure, organisations gain a deep understanding of their site’s vulnerabilities and strengths. Geofences allow for effective risk assessment, targeted mitigation strategies and proactive planning to ensure the resilience of operations.

    Access Control and Management:

    With the digital twin in place, the Connected Site module facilitates robust access control and management. Organisations can designate access levels and permissions for employees, contractors, and visitors based on their roles and responsibilities. Through integrated technologies such as biometrics, smart cards, or mobile credentials, access can be granted or revoked in real-time, ensuring that only authorised personnel enter specific zones. This granular control enhances security, minimises risks, and ensures compliance with safety protocols. Additionally, the module enables organisations to generate detailed access logs, providing an audit trail for accountability and investigations.

    Real-time Visibility:

    The Connected Site module in resilienceOS enables real-time visibility over the movement of individuals within the site. By using advanced, smart algorithms and integrating with systems like access control and our employee app, organisations can monitor and track the whereabouts of employees, contractors, and visitors. This real-time visibility allows for swift response during emergencies, evacuation procedures or critical incidents. Furthermore, it enables organisations to optimise resource allocation, enhance operational efficiency and identify potential bottlenecks or risks within the site.

    How does the Connected Site module in resilienceOS boost resilience?

    1. Streamlined Emergency Response: The digital twin created by the Connected Site module enables organisations to simulate and plan emergency scenarios effectively. By mapping evacuation routes, identifying assembly points, and analysing potential bottlenecks, organisations can optimise their emergency response strategies. Real-time visibility and access control further support efficient evacuation procedures, ensuring the safety of personnel during critical situations.
    2. Trigger musters and evacuations: The Connected Site module from Restrata empowers organisations to efficiently trigger musters and evacuations during emergencies. With its real-time visibility and access control capabilities, the module enables organisations to monitor the movement of personnel within the site and identify their locations. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or security threat, the module can initiate automated alerts and notifications to relevant personnel, directing them to designated muster points or providing evacuation instructions. This streamlined process ensures a swift and coordinated response, maximising the safety of employees, contractors, and visitors. By leveraging the Connected Site module, organisations can effectively manage musters and evacuations, enhancing their overall resilience and minimising potential risks.
    3. Resource Optimisation: Through real-time visibility and access control, organisations can optimise resource allocation within the site. By analysing movement patterns and traffic flow, organisations can identify areas of congestion or inefficiency, leading to improved operational workflows and enhanced productivity.
    4. Compliance and Audit: The Connected Site module assists organisations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. By generating comprehensive access logs and providing an audit trail, organisations can demonstrate adherence to safety protocols, security standards and industry regulations.


    If you manage one or more sites, the Connected Site module in resilienceOS is crucial in boosting organisational resilience. Connected Site enables organisations to create a digital twin of their site, geofence key zones, manage access control and gain real-time visibility over the movement of personnel. With Connected Site, you can streamline emergency response, enable predictive maintenance, optimise resource allocation and ensure compliance. By leveraging the benefits of Restrata’s Connected Site module, organisations can confidently navigate uncertainties, mitigate risks, and safeguard their operations, strengthening resilience in a measurable way.

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