Safety and security across people and assets: visibility and control

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    Restrata Team
    Restrata Team

    Ensuring safety and security across people and assets: How a resilience operating system gives you unrivalled visibility and control with multi-site management 

    The importance of ensuring your people and assets are safe and secure is invaluable. After all, what is an organisation if not a multitude of people and assets. Safety and security across both mean having a solution that provides you with complete visibility and clear communications, no matter where your people or assets are in the world. This also ensures that whatever risk events or potential threats occur, you are in complete control

    Ensuring safety and security means minimising risks (across all sites)  

    Minimising risks and achieving true resilience for your people and assets should involve the creation of a digital twin of your site to map out key zones, designate and manage access to them, whilst also giving you full visibility over the movement of employees, contractors, and visitors. In addition, a resilience solution should serve as a platform to minimise physical security breaches (due to unauthorised access), locate and account for people swiftly, in case of an incident or critical event. 

    Ensuring safety and security means real-time, unified data (across all sites) 

    Another part of safety and security concerns data and your ability to access it in real-time. Unified systems should streamline access control and visibility across your sites to minimise security breaches of all kinds and ensure duty of care across employees, visitors, and contractors.  

    Creating a vital additional layer of security across sites 

    We also need to consider how we can provide an additional, but crucial, layer of security across all our sites. We can implement this through the monitoring and control of access to sensitive locations, ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter these zones using best-in-class geofence management. Vigilance in minimising potential security breaches and keeping people safe from emerging threats is fundamental to this additional layer of security and safety. Resilience software supports an organisation’s ability to do this, whilst continually tracking valuable assets and with real-time location and status visibility. 

    Monitor and protect people and assets live 

    And finally, we should prioritise a resilience solution that keeps employees, contractors, and assets safe. This can be done by leveraging the latest technology to accurately determine, predict, and pinpoint their geographic location at any time using advanced algorithms. A true resilience operating sytem gives you the ability to unlock additional value by easily connecting multiple data sources to boost efficiency when accounting for people. 


    These invaluable capabilities ensure your people and assets are secure, no matter their location or situation in the world. There is no longer a need for disparate solutions, catering to one element or part of your business. This is an all-in-one resilience engine providing a single source of truth across safety, security & critical event management alongside a robust ecosystem of integrations and services.

    The key features of Restrata’s resilienceOS streamline access control and give full, real-time visibility into people movement. The software also streamlines contractor and visitor management across sites, whilst providing geofencing and zone-based access alongside mustering and evacuation. For those looking for a personally configurable, scalable solution with custom access policies, reporting and notifications, look no further. This category-defining software, is set to evolve the way organisations view and manage their resilience. This is just one part of resilienceOS, the backbone of organisation-wide resilience. It is time to consider a resilienceOS.