Lone worker safety: enhancing engagement and duty of care

    Restrata Team
    Restrata Team

    Lone worker safety: How a resilience operating system keeps lone workers engaged and enhances your duty of care 

    Safeguarding your organisation’s lone workers requires the most up-to-date monitoring solutions. This means providing real-time alerts that ensure when a worker misses a check-in or displays inactivity for an extended period, software facilitates a swift and coordinated response in any case of emergency. This kind of efficiency and protection for lone workers requires an operating system built for resilience. This system has to elevate the duty of care into the pocket of all your employees, be they travellers, lone workers, remote or office-based staff. In today’s fast-paced work environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of lone workers is more important than ever. As safety professionals, we should look to digitise safety and peace of mind through real-time monitoring, alerts, communication, and response solutions. This means protecting your workforce and staying compliant with safety regulations by tracking safety performance, incident reports and making constant improvements. 

    Lone worker safety means tapping into real-time, unified data to enhance their safety 

    Engaging with real-time data is essential when measuring the safety of your lone workers. Resilience software should enable you to monitor and support the wellbeing of lone workers and keep them engaged whilst working remote or in high-risk environments. Two essential elements to consider when addressing the safety of your people.  

    Lone worker safety means understanding lone worker status at regular intervals 

    Easy-to-understand applications are a great way to check-in with your lone workers at regular intervals and understand their status. This can be achieved through seamless check-in systems as part of a wider resilience solution. You should have the ability to check the safety and wellbeing status at different times of the day and at different intervals. This is reassuring you and your team they are safe. Also allowing you to monitor location in real-time and take prompt action if an employee fails to check-in or a risk event occurs nearby. 

    Maximising accuracy and productivity 

    But lone worker safety isn’t just about resilience software that provides protection. It also needs to take efficiency on the job into consideration, whilst maintaining visibility over lone worker safety. Using the tasks feature, employees can easily mark themselves as busy as they progress on the job. During this time, you can still monitor their location and receive alerts if a task is incomplete or extended. 

    Enhanced convenience with hardware pairing 

    We know convenience should be prioritised when communicating alerts. A lack of simplicity could be detrimental at such pivotal moments of risk. Resilience systems provide an additional layer of convenience and assurance to employees working alone or in remote locations by enabling pairing with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) panic buttons. When pressed, these devices send an automatic emergency alarm notification and help you ensure a prompt response. Enhanced convenience means enhanced safety for your lone workers.  

    Preventing safety incidents & tackling dynamic risks actively 

    We should prioritise the prevention of safety incidents. The optimal resilience solutions use prohibitive geo-fences to monitor emerging or heightened risks associated with a geographical area or exact location. Meaning, both your lone workers and response teams will get notifications in case of a breach of the geo-fence. This allows for prompt action to ensure worker safety. 

    Responding in real-time to any emergency 

    Real-time monitoring of lone worker safety should be essential for any modern business. Enhancing resilience through resilienceOS protects lone workers using emergency alarms. These alarms are triggered manually or upon failure to check-in, mark a task as completed or extended. In case of an emergency, responders will have all the necessary facts readily available and can act fast. A Duress Escalation Alarm is also in place, providing additional safety. 


    Lone worker safety is invaluable for all modern, multi-site and mobile organisations. ResilienceOS puts duty of care into the pocket of all your lone workers, wherever they are in the world. What’s more, this solution can be custom branded to your organisation, whilst the Restrata App keeps your employees engaged and safe whilst in transit. ResilienceOS gives your employees access to up to the minute risk advisories and travel guidance alongside trip itinerary information, critical comms and verified location check-ins using integrated system biometrics.  Privacy centric GPS monitoring, geofence configuration and built in task management, inactivity alerts and emergency panic alarms connect directly with the ResilienceOS and Response case monitoring enabling responders to get a full picture of an employees movements and take the necessary actions. This is just one part of resilienceOS, the backbone of organisation-wide resilience. It is time to consider a resilienceOS.