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Offshore oil rig at night

Digital Twins for the Energy Industry

The oil and gas industry is buzzing with the potential of 'Digital Twins'. Although this technology is still emerging, it's already carving a niche in ...
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unifying people and travel management

Unifying People and Travel Management for Better Travel Risk Mitigation

Unifying people and travel management is crucial for travel risk mitigation and organisational resilience. In today's rapidly changing world, organisations are continually facing various challenges ...
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Unifying travel management: streamlining travel and keeping people safe.

Unifying travel management: The Key to Ensuring Safety in Global Travel In today's globalized business environment, ensuring the safety of a dispersed workforce is paramount. ...
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Unified, real-time situational awareness in the energy and industrial sectors

Watch the webinar Hosted by Restrata, and featuring guest speaker Brad Williams, Global Sales Director of Industrial and IoT Services - HID, this webinar is ...
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The Future of Incident Management

Watch our free webinar:The future of incident management Exploring past, present and future approaches to incident management Incident management in the energy sector is desperate ...
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