Connected Resilience

A unified operating view across the organisation, bridging the gap between interconnected systems and stakeholders.

Today's resilience landscape is complex

These are only a few of the challenges we hear about from businesses worldwide

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Increasing resource gaps due to resilience, security, response teams being stretched to cover their remit 

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Over-dependence on leaders and experts on the ground when it comes to visibility, situational awareness, risk and impact assessment

Ever-growing state of fragmentation across 3rd party systems making global governance extremely difficult to achieve

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Lack of a single source of truth across operations that can help manage resilience organisation-wide 

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Lack of automated or real-time risk impact assessment leading to increased financial, reputational damage

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Inability to deliver timely and actionable insights to stakeholders on a day-to-day or long term basis

By providing an organisation-wide solution, we empower every industry to achieve and maintain optimal levels of preparedness, adaptability and sustainability in the face of dynamic risks and disruption of any scale.

resilienceOS for everything and everyone your organisation cares about, every day

We aim to simplify and connect resilience

Providing an organisation-wide solution, that empowers every industry to achieve and maintain optimal levels of preparedness, adaptability and response in the face of dynamic risks and disruption of any scale.

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Minimising the resource gap across resilience, security and response teams by digitising and automating processes

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Giving each and every leader time back to focus on strategy, making informed decisions quickly

Connecting interrelated systems and stakeholders and ending fragmentation across the organisation

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Providing a resilience operating system that enables an accurate, unified operating picture across the organisation

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A growing marketplace of risk intelligence alongside real-time impact monitoring and calculation

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Real-time visibility across people, assets, supply chain and risk alongside a smart action and response centre

Global brands that trust restrata

Our clients trust us to provide the highest level of organisational resilience. Read our case studies to learn how Restrata is spearheading safety and security in a range of sectors.


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