Case Study: OSM Maritime’s seamless transition to unified POB

In the offshore industry, the safety and accountability of personnel on board (POB) are paramount. OSM Maritime, a prominent player in Europe’s offshore sector, identified the pressing need to replace their aging digital POB system. This case study delves into how Restrata’s innovative solutions reshaped OSM Maritime’s approach to POB, Access Control, and Mustering, offering a consolidated and efficient system.

The Pre-Restrata Landscape: The Reliance on Aging Systems

Before partnering with Restrata, OSM Maritime utilized the Siemens SiPass for their POB operations aboard the vessel Dan Swift. As this system neared its end of life, the offshore behemoth was confronted with the task of sourcing a more integrated and contemporary replacement.

The Challenge: A Unified System for Comprehensive Offshore Operations

OSM Maritime’s primary hurdle was their quest for a new system capable of seamlessly managing POB, Access Control, and Mustering. A single, integrated software solution was essential to streamline operations, enhance real-time tracking, and reduce administrative complexities.

The Restrata Solution: Tailored for Offshore Excellence

Restrata introduced OSM Maritime to a bespoke solution encompassing the POB and Muster modules, complete with the requisite hardware. This solution boasted offline resilience and a seamless software integration with the new Assa Abloy ACS system. The outcome was a singular, unified tool adept at handling POB, Muster, and Access Control operations, underpinned by state-of-the-art web-based software.

Key facets of the solution included:

  • Real-time POB and Muster tracking via the Restrata cloud Platform.
  • The capability to disseminate live POB data, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Integration with the Assa Abloy ACS system, facilitating the issuance of a singular card for both Access Control and POB operations.

The Transformation: Offshore Operations Reimagined

With the implementation of Restrata’s solution, Noble Drilling witnessed a transformation in their incident response mechanism. They achieved a standardised global response, ensuring consistency across their vast operations. The ability to share crucial information between teams, both in-country and at the corporate level, further enhanced their response capacity.

Charting New Waters with Advanced Offshore Solutions

OSM Maritime’s strategic decision to collaborate with Restrata heralded a new chapter in their offshore operations. By adopting an integrated solution, they ensured that their operations aboard the vessel Dan Swift were not just efficient but also adhered to the highest safety and accountability benchmarks. This transition underscores the offshore sector’s evolving requisites and the imperative of leveraging advanced solutions to address these needs.

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