Case Study: Noble Drilling achieves streamlined incident management

In the ever-evolving landscape of the drilling industry, ensuring a consistent and effective response to incidents across various rigs and regions is paramount. Noble Drilling, a prominent player in the Americas, faced the challenge of unifying their global response mechanism. This case study delves into how Restrata’s resilienceOS – ICM Module transformed Noble Drilling’s incident response. As a result, bringing about a harmonised approach across their expansive operations.

The Pre-Restrata Landscape: Legacy Systems and Multiple Providers

Before partnering with Restrata, Noble Drilling operated with the legacy systems. With the acquisition of Maersk Drilling in 2022, the need for a more streamlined and unified response system became evident. The challenge was to integrate the operations of both entities and ensure a consistent response mechanism across the board.

The Challenge: Seeking a Unified Response Mechanism

Noble Drilling’s primary challenge was to find a single outsourced response provider and technology that could offer a standardized global response. They aimed for consistency in response capacity across their numerous rigs and regions, ensuring seamless interaction between the Incident Management Team and the Noble Crisis Management Team.

The Restrata Solution: A Global Rollout of ICM and Outsourced Response

Restrata presented Noble Drilling with the resilienceOS – ICM Module, tailored to meet their specific needs. This solution was a full global rollout of outsourced emergency response and ICM, covering all of Noble’s operations, including their 32 rigs. The solution was an expansion of the global Maersk Drilling solution provided by Restrata, ensuring a seamless transition and integration of operations.

Key features of the solution included:

  • Configured case types for both western and eastern hemisphere response plans.
  • A link to the Crisis Management Team via the CMT module, facilitating information sharing between in-country teams and the corporate CMT.

The Transformation: Standardised Response Across the Globe

With the implementation of Restrata’s solution, Noble Drilling witnessed a transformation in their incident response mechanism. They achieved a standardised global response, ensuring consistency across their vast operations. The ability to share crucial information between teams, both in-country and at the corporate level, further enhanced their response capacity.

A Seamless Transition to Unified Incident Management

Noble Drilling’s partnership with Restrata marked a significant shift in their approach to incident management. By opting for a unified solution, they not only streamlined their operations but also ensured that their teams, regardless of location, had access to consistent and effective response mechanisms. The journey underscores the importance of adaptability and the need for robust systems in the face of industry evolution.

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