Case Study: How Repsol Sinopec elevated operational safety and efficiency

In any oil and gas company, ensuring the safety, security, and operational efficiency of on-site personnel is paramount. Repsol Sinopec, a key player in Europe’s energy sector, recognised the need to modernise their systems at the Flotta Terminal. This case study delves into how Restrata’s resilienceOS solution transformed Repsol Sinopec’s operational landscape.

Pre-Restrata: Relying on Legacy Systems

Before their collaboration with Restrata, Repsol Sinopec depended on an outdated access control system at their Flotta Terminal. Their processes for visitor management, journey management, mustering, and mass communications were largely manual, leading to inefficiencies and potential safety concerns.

The Challenge: A Unified Digital System for Enhanced Operations

Repsol Sinopec’s primary objective was to implement a modern, integrated system capable of managing live on-site POB (Personnel on Board), zonal POB, mustering, journeys, visitors, and mass employee communications. The goal was to ensure that safety and security-critical information was available in real-time, bolstering day-to-day operations and enhancing their response to incidents.

The Restrata Solution: Comprehensive, Integrated, and Tailored

Restrata introduced a suite of solutions with resilienceOS, tailored to Repsol Sinopec’s unique requirements:

  • POB & Mustering: Offering real-time tracking of personnel, ensuring safety and accountability.
  • Visitors & Journeys: Streamlining the management of visitors and their journeys within the facility.
  • Mass Comms: Facilitating efficient and effective communication across the terminal.
  • Offline Resilience: Ensuring uninterrupted operations even in offline scenarios.
  • Integration with ICM: A potential integration with the Incident and Crisis Management module, which was already in use across other parts of Repsol Sinopec’s business.

These solutions, underpinned by the resilienceOS operating system, provided a holistic approach to managing safety, security, and operations at the Flotta Terminal.

The Transformation: Seamless Operations and Enhanced Response

With the deployment of Restrata’s solutions, Repsol Sinopec experienced a transformative shift in their operations. They witnessed:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency with real-time access to POB data.
  • Streamlined day-to-day tasks, leading to time savings for users.
  • Reduced muster times, ensuring rapid and efficient responses during emergencies.
  • Improved incident response, leveraging the integrated tools and systems.
  • Reliable and swift method of mass communicating with their employees.

Setting the Gold Standard in Offshore Operations

Repsol Sinopec’s strategic collaboration with Restrata at the Flotta Terminal demonstrates the power of a modern unified solution in the offshore sector. By embracing Restrata’s resilienceOS operating system, they not only enhanced their day-to-day operations but also fortified their incident response capabilities, improving their duty of care and setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

You can do the same with resilienceOS. Your organisation can enhance operational resilience by working from a single pane of glass. You’ll gain unified and accurate data in real-time, making it easy to make decisions and take action. Book a meeting with one of our specialists today.