Guide to

Smart operational risk management

The Smart Operational Risk Management Guide provides an overview of how to leverage technology to streamline operational risk management by connecting key systems, data & processes.

Guide to Smart Operational Risk Management

In an era defined by unprecedented global challenges, the challenge of managing operational risk is growing in both importance and complexity. Businesses today face a myriad of uncertainties, ranging from geopolitical tensions and natural disasters to cyber threats and pandemics. This shifting dynamic requires organisations to recalibrate their approach to Operational Risk Management (ORM) to meet the challenge of global turbulence and uncertainty head on. The traditional approach to ORM, hampered by fragmented systems and disparate data sources, has proven inadequate for the challenges of today's dynamic environment. These inefficiencies lead to delays, not only in identifying risks but also in response times when those risks are realised and turn into incidents and crises.

Download the guide and explore:

  • What is ‘Smart Operational Risk Management’
  • What are the benefits?
  • Creating a Smart Operational Risk Management Framework
  • How to select the right software
  • How to build a team for Smart Operational Risk Management
  • Building the tech stack: additional systems to integrate
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Resources