6 Tips for Improving Security in the Hotel Industry

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    Restrata Team
    Restrata Team

    The guests that enter a hotel property do so believing they are safe and secure. They believe the hotel, owning companies, and tourist companies have their security as a number one priority.

    Given the increase in hotel targeted active shooter attacks, hostile vehicle assaults and other types of incidents in certain regions of the world, it is imperative that the hotel industry continues to recognise the importance of a managed security approach to deal with these worst case scenario attacks.

    Security in the Hotel Industry

    Preparation is key to managing the array of incidents that could occur at a hotel, and can fall into 6 different categories, all of which if addressed can help with improving security in the hotel industry:

    Operational Security

    The ‘eyes and ears’ of your security response. Do you have trained and licensed security guards? Are they well versed in managing incidents like the active shooter scenario? Are exercises and drills conducted to prepare them for these type of events?

    Technical Security

    Does the hotel have and maintain a technical security overlay? Are vulnerable points within the hotel covered with surveillance cameras? Is there a logged and recorded access control system in place for both guest spaces and back of house facilities? Are people, vehicles and goods searched or screened upon entry to the hotel?

    Physical Security

    How does the hotel physically secure space? Does the hotel have obvious access points that have a security provision or a difficult to penetrate external perimeter? Are all access points to the hotel physically secured?

    Security Culture

    In the event of an incident it is not only the security personnel and emergency services who will be responding to the incident. Are all hotel employees well versed in dealing with the response for this type of incident? Is there a good security culture amongst staff? Are they trained to spot suspicious behaviour, and are they aware of the meaning of different alarm codes?

    Process & Procedure

    Written processes and procedures are not only important, they are vital in the response to these types of incidents. Not only must they be in place for the hotel staff but they must be easily and quickly implemented.

    Crisis Management – Command & Control

    Does the hotel have in place a strategic, tactical and operational level response should the worst happen? Are table top exercises and drills conducted to plan for the active shooter scenario across each of these levels?

    Improving security in the hotel sector involves the alignment of all 6 of these areas, and ideally the planning should have commenced at the concept stage and physically designed into the property. In addition, ensuring you have a Security Master Plan that is appropriate to the specific risk profile of your location is hugely important. If you would like any support with assessing the security at your hotel, contact us today.

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